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RAD Blog is a blog about Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs (in Dutch: Roken, Alcohol, Drugs ofwel RAD). The Blog is written by a group of researchers who are all conducting research on substance use and addiction in youth and adults. With RAD Blog we commit ourselves to communicate relevant scientific findings to the general public like teachers, parents, health care workers, policy makers etc. RAD blog is written in Dutch given that we aim to primarily reach the local community.

Please find the latests post from RAD Blog via the POSTS page.

The following researchers contribute to RAD Blog: Maartje Luijten (Radboud University), Jorien Treur (Radboud University), Carmen Voogt (Radboud University & Trimbos Institute), Joyce Dieleman (Radboud University & Trimbos Institute), Martine Groefsema (Radboud University), Hanneke Scholten (Radboud University), Jacqueline Vink (Radboud University), Karin Verweij (Radboud University & VU University Amsterdam), Koen Smit (Radboud University & Trimbos Institute), Roy Otten (Pluryn, Radboud University & Arizona State University), Joëlle Pasman (Radboud University) & Marloes Kleinjan (Trimbos Institute).