Youth designing Research

In our research we study youth well-being. We are talking about youth every day. In this project we want to know what youth themselves are thinking about research.

We talk with youth to ask them how we should do our research!

Last spring we visited Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. We asked youth how they would like to be approached for research, what kind of information they need to know before deciding to participate etc. We will qualitatively analyze this input and design new recruitment methods based on this input.

In the future we will organize more events and step by step we will talk with youth about the complete research cycle. By doing so youth will learn about many aspects of conducting research.

At the same time we will learn how our research can be aligned with current needs of youth.

For this project we use the HitnRun project as a showcase of a study designed to improve youth well-being.

COLLABORATORS: Suhaavi Kochhar (PhD student), dr. Hanneke Scholten, dr. Tyas Ayuningtyas, dr. Isabelle Kniestedt.

FUNDING: Erasmus+ Youth participation activities