Neuro-cognitive insights in Addiction

During my PhD (graduation 2012, Cum Laude) and the following decade I mainly studied neurocognitive aspects of addiction in adults and youth.

Together with many collaborators, a team of PhD students, and research assistants we conducted (longitudinal) neuroimaging studies to test the validity of influential addiction models. For example, I studied high-risk groups and the vulnerability to develop nicotine dependence. We also tested addiction models in more real-life settings by using experimental designs such as in a Bar Lab, or by using ecological momentary assessments. With my fundamental neuroscience research I provided input for intervention programs (see our current HitnRun project). We also published an influential fMRI meta-analysis investigating reward processing in addiction.

FUNDING: These projects were mainly funded by my NWO-VENI grant and a grant from the Dutch Cancer Society.