I love to connect with youth, young adults, students and young academics to hear about their ideas about well-being and resilience.

I also love to connect with, and bring my knowledge to health-care professionals and/or organizations working with youth, young adults, students and young academics.

See our “Youth designing research” project for an example of how we connect with youth.

To challenge myself and to further improve my public speaking skills I took part in the Speakers Academy of a-cup of ambition in June 2023. The title of my talk was ‘Veerkrachtig ben je niet alleen‘. The talk was a combination of my personal struggles and scientific evidence showing the importance of a strong social network for resilience. My personal and professional life merged.

You can book me as a speaker for topics related to resilience, mental health, well-being (related to youth, young adults and academics), positive psychology, and the importance of social relationships.

Currently I limit my public speaking events to the Nijmegen/Arnhem/Wageningen area.