Mental health problems are rising among youth and young adults. At the same time major life transitions happen during these ages. Resilience is more important than ever for youth and young adults in order to experience optimal well-being and to develop as a person and professionally.

I strive to make a positive impact on well-being of youth and young adults through my research, teaching, and (PhD) student supervision.

Maartje Luijten, PhD
Associate Professor @Radboud University

My main areas of expertise include resilience, mental health, well-being, substance use, positive psychology, and the importance of social relationships.

In 2023/2024 I will undergo an extensive training to become a certified coach, as I aim to directly influence the well-being of the next generation of academics, particularly students, PhD students and post-docs.

I want to assist young academics in achieving professional and personal growth while enhancing their well-being and resilience.

As a scientist, I aim to include evidence-based techniques in my coaching.

In my free time I love spending time in nature with my family.